Stay Informed and Never Miss a Bill

Track bills, stay updated with committee calendars, and report on your efforts, all in one place.

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Stay Informed and Never Miss a Bill

Track bills, stay updated with committee calendars, and report on your efforts, all in one place.

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Accurate, accessible, and timely information.

Frank F. / President

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AdvocacyHub is the best tool in the toolkit when it comes to tracking/monitoring legislation.

Alison F. / Legislative Counsel

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The platform's intuitive design makes my job so much easier.

Curtis P. / Legislative Liaison


Simplify your workflow with these features

Bill Analysis

Document your position, priority, and add commentary to bills.

Committee Calendars

Know when key bills are up for discussion with committee agendas.

Real Time Alerts

Receive notifications on all actions of bills that you're tracking.

Similar Bills

Automatically discover similar bills based on our algorithm.


Identify your legislators and know which committees they sit on.

Upload Documents

Supplement your tracked bills with testimony and relevant documents.

Stay informed on newly introduced bills

Review bills introduced daily or easily set up personalized keyword alerts to receive suggested bills tailored to your organization.

Organize bills into tracks

Streamline your legislative management by easily creating customized tracks by client or topic and quickly add bills to them with just a single click.

Communicate progress with reports

Utilize our built-in reporting feature to keep clients and stakeholders updated on legislative changes related to your tracked bills.


Tailored solutions for all customers

Track legislation that can impact your organization's bottom line

Whether you're tracking legislation in your home state or need the ability to track legislation across the United States, Washington D.C., and Congress, we have you covered.

Review all newly introduced legislation or only bills matching the keywords and phrases you prompt the platform with. Organize legislation intro tracks, which are fully customizable, allowing you to monitor the topics that can impact your organization.

Utilize our collaborative features and robust reporting to ensure your team of Government Relations Directors and contract lobbyists are in sync. Your team will always have the information they need to access all legislation, hearings, meeting notes, and supplementary documentation in one central hub dedicated to powering your team of legislative professionals.

Track legislation that can impact your department's authority and budget

We equip policy professionals within state government entities with the tools to ensure they can easily review, track, and report on legislation.

Conquer and divide the review of legislation across your department. Whether you want to review all of the introduced bills or narrow your focus to key topics, our solutions dedicated to reviewing legislation will decrease the chances that you will ever miss a bill.      

Streamline communication with centralized access to legislation, hearings, meeting notes, and supplementary documents. Unlock research efficiencies to find similar bills within your legislature from the current or prior sessions. You can even find similar bills from other states when drafting policy.

Track and organize legislation by client

Whether you're boutique or a leading lobbying firm, we provide contract lobbyists with the essential tools to monitor legislation and ensure seamless communication with clients.

We emphasize the ability to review all newly introduced legislation by day. Know what bills your team has reviewed and easily organize bills by client. Improve your efficiency in reviewing bills by adding keywords and phrases relevant to your clients so you can quickly review matching bills first.

Utilizing our platform, you'll receive real-time notifications as bills progress through the legislature. You can easily share the bills introduced last week and send your clients upcoming hearings through our built-in reporting so everyone is on the same page before your legislative check-in calls.

Track legislation that can impact your organization's mission

We cater to all nonprofits, associations, and unions. We equip organizations with the tools to monitor legislation in their state and even Congress.

You can review all newly introduced legislation or have our platform suggest legislation based on keywords and phrases of your choosing. You can track bills by the topics most important to your organization, and we'll keep you in the loop as bills progress through your legislature with real-time notifications.

You'll have all the legislative and hearing information needed to assemble advocacy campaigns, and you can even upload your testimony into our platform to build your repository of legislative information.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does AdvocacyHub work?

We scrape legislative information and equip you with the tools to review, monitor, and report. We also provide legislator and committee contact information.

What legislation can I track?

AdvocacyHub provides the flexibility to track the legislation of a single state or all 50 states, plus access to Washington D.C. and Congress.

What support is offered?

You and your team will receive a complimentary 1-hour onboarding training call. After onboarding, you'll have access to our Help Center, which covers the most frequently asked questions, and you have access to email support.

Who uses AdvocacyHub?

Whether you need to track legislation in a single state or multiple states, corporations, governments, nonprofits, and lobbyists use AdvocacyHub.

Why choose AdvocacyHub?

We provide a flexible and customizable solution at an affordable price that can cater to an organization that needs access to a single state or multiple states with experiences tailored based on a single state, regional, and national purview.

How can I get started?

The best way to get started is by talking to a team member. In a 1-hour call, you'll have all the information you need to decide if we're the right fit to support your organization's legislative needs.