Unlock the solution that is reducing the workload of policy professionals by an average of 10 hours per week.


Dedicated workflows to decrease missed bills

Daily Introductions

Review and track bills from a dedicated page to stay on top of newly introduced legislation daily.

Suggested Bills

Add keywords and phrases relevant to your organization, and receive notifications when bills match.

Bill Details

Access bill information like sponsors, versions, and progress as it moves through the legislature.

Rotate your screen horizontal for an optimal viewing experience.

Organize bills by topic or client

Bill Analysis

Add bills to single or multiple tracks, including a position, priority, and tasks.

Bill Notifications

Ensure you're always in the loop on the latest actions of the bills you're tracking.

Session History

Effortlessly access a repository of bills tracked during each legislative session.


Keep stakeholders in the know

Legislative Reports

Choose exactly what bills and information you want to share updates on.

Calendar Reports

Compile a list of upcoming hearings and the corresponding bills to be discussed.

Sharing Options

Ensure viewers have the access they need, whether that's to real-time or static reports.


Access the data you need to conduct research

Bill Search

Search by the information you know and use our advanced filtering to narrow your search.

Similar Bills

For each bill, we'll identify similar bills from the current or previous session and even from other states.

Compare Bills

Use our compare functionality to lay two bills side-by-side and review them in tandem.


Identify legislators and their contact info


View a comprehensive list of legislators and the bills they lead and co-sponsor.


Know each committee, its members, and the bills referred by the committee.


Ensure that you have each legislator's email address and phone number.